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Target Corp. traces its origins back to 1902 if its creator George Dayton put up the Dayton dry-goods business in Minneapolis, also after Dayton Company at 1911. Dayton acquired Lipmans, a branch store in the 1950's. The Dayton Company united with J. L. Hudson Company from 1969 to become Dayton-Hudson Corporation. The business acquired and put up various stores in locations like Iowa, Colorado, Oklahoma, Tennessee, la, Arizona along with other U.S nations. In 2000 the name of this company was shifted to focus on Corporation.

It started its original 'Target' store in 1962 at Roseville, Minnesota. The business could be the second-largest reduction merchant at the U.S. after wal-mart. The business utilizes a bull's-eye logo. The shop functions like Target, Target Greatland, SuperTargets or City Target.

Now the shop is headquartered in Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis. It's its very own private brands like Archer Farms and Market Pantry for grocery store stores, Sutton Dodge for meats and Trutech to his or her electronic equipment line. Their upward brand comes with household, personal and baby care services and products, in addition to other goods that are essential.

Among those distinctive items featured in Target stores will be their GiftCards, some that are now patented. These layouts cause them to become the very sold GiftCards on earth by units and dollar sold. The cards frequently function as significantly more than cards. Some may serve as cd roms, MP3 players, some others allow the client to capture a voice message, even scented GiftCards, the ones that light , among some others.

Target currently covers most U.S. countries aside from Vermont, together with over 1,700 locations with a presence involving Hawaii, Canada and Alaska.

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